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  • AGE REQUIREMENT: Children under the age of 8 must be supervised by an adult. This includes all events (lessons, practices, meets, matches)

Klahaya Swim & Tennis Club was established in 1958 as a facility where families could gather to enjoy swimming, friendships, and other activities. We undertook a major remodel of the facilty in 2008.

Presently there are 240 families. We are open from the middle of May until the middle of September. We have a varied schedule offering a Swim Team, Tennis Team, Lessons, Open Swim, Adult Lap Swimming, an Adult Swim Team, and many social activities.
Swim Meet Procedures
Here are some updates for the next 3 swim meets. Please read carefully as there have been some changes over the past years. 

Pool Closes Early: Pool closes at 3pm for all members.

Set-up: No Easy-Ups, canopies, chairs, blankets etc. will be allowed on the grass prior to 1pm the day of the meet. The staging area will be on the Westside of the property in the Fire Lane. At 12:55pm staff will remove any items on the grass and place in the front of the club
From 1-1:15pm the Westside Fire lane gate will be open and families can then begin setup on the Eastside of the lawn. Remember, we strive to be welcoming hosts, so please leave the Westside open for the visiting team.
Parking: One of our biggest swim meet day struggles is parking. There are limited spaces in the Club parking lot and the church across the street. Ride sharing, biking, and walking from 104th Ave W are the best options. Many Club parking spots are reserved for Meet Officials and Coaches with DOUBLE parking required in the majority of the lot. In the neighborhood, please be courteous of driveways, mailboxes, and corners that obstruct the view of turning cars.
Alcohol/Tobacco: Alcohol/tobacco is not permitted on Klahaya property-per the By-Laws.. Swim meets are for the kids and families having fun together. It is difficult for Staff to enforce the rules with visiting teams when our own members are bringing alcohol on property. Hiding it in water bottles, Tupperware, and kiddie cups is still not following the rules of the Club. Purchase pop and water from the concession stand and help support the Club. Thanks for your understanding. 
Volunteers: Swim meets are like having a big backyard BBQ and we all need to do our share. There are plenty of opportunities to help. No need to ask- just go-for-it! Concessions, Timers, Scoring table, set-up (3pm) and take down (by 10pm) of the pool deck, litter patrol, parking enforcement are areas that need assistance.
We have a great reputation around the league for putting on really great swim meets. Let's keep it up for the next 3 meets. 

by posted 06/26/2017

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by posted 06/26/2017
Order Klahaya Gear By Monday!

Please log on to the Klahaya Gear website and place your order before it closes on Monday June 26th.  Exciting new Klahaya t-shirts designed by our members!

GO TO www.bsnteamsports.com - access code blomso2N5T



by posted 06/24/2017
June 30th - Awesome 80's Adult Night


Dust off your leg warmers and tease up your hair

We are like totally having an 80s party at KLA

Be there or be square!


Friday, June 30th - 7:00 - 9:00 PM (adults only)


Please bring a beverage to share (‘New Coke’, Tab, wine coolers?)

and a dish for the potluck (Cool Ranch Doritos, French bread pizza, spinach dip in a bread bowl?)


Dress in 80’s attire fur sure


UNO you want to come!

by posted 06/20/2017
Non-member Waitlist Lesson Sign-ups

Sign-ups for non-members begin Tuesday 6/20/17 at 3:30pm


Each Non-member Waitlist Lesson is $60.67 and needs to be paid for in full with a check.

Sorry no refunds on lessons.

Other sign-up days starting at 7:30am:

July 3rd for Session 2 July 10th-July 20th

July 17th for Session 3 July 24th-Aug 3rd

July 31st for Session 4 Aug 7th-Aug 17th

*Lessons do not include other Member benefits such as Open Swim.

Thanks for signing up for Klahaya Swim and Tennis lessons. 

by posted 06/19/2017
Family Photo Board!
To nurture and build our Klahaya community we are creating a family photo board. On opening day or soon after, please bring a family photo to the Klahaya front desk. Please label the photo with family member names. We'll display our Klahaya families on a board in the lobby which will help us recognize and remember our Klahaya friends. It's not mandatory participation but we hope to see many Klahaya families on our photo board!
Questions? Contact 

by posted 05/18/2017
Klahaya Newsletter 2017

The Newsletter is here!

Follow the link below to read all about the great events and activities for this summer.  Some new, some old, but all promise to be a ton of fun!  Many important details about the lottery, swim and tennis team registration, volunteer hours, etc., are included - please review!

Klahaya Newsletter 2017

All account questions should be directed to

If you have any issues with the registration AFTER reading the instructions - please email


See you all soon!

by posted 05/03/2017
Klahaya Benefit: Tennis at Forest Crest

Hello Klahaya Families!

It's Peter Reni here, friendly neighborhood tennis pro. I have pretty awesome news for all of my tennis people. 
Every summer, people ask me about playing indoor tennis during the winter, and for good reason. Playing year round is really important for kids to develop into competitive players. It doesn't have to be a lot, even once or twice per week makes a big difference. 
The problem is, playing all year round isn't free. There are a number of awesome clubs to play at, but one has reached out to me to offer Klahaya members a discount on all of their junior tennis programs. 
Forest Crest Tennis Club joined our summer league this year and is under the command of their pro, Josh Basha. He's a very highly ranked player and an accomplished coach. Many of our older players play at his club, and he's even hired several of our kids to be assistant coaches for him. He's a really nice guy, an awesome coach, and a friend of the club. I highly recommend him. 
For our younger players, he offers the USTA recommended "color" balls programs. This is a very cool thing that I hope to have up and running at Klahaya in a few years. It will be different from what your kids are used to at Klahaya, but once the kids get used to using slightly different balls, they will see that the game of tennis opens up for them much quicker than it does with normal balls. 
I've attached his offer below. Check out his programs, and make sure to wear your Klahaya gear over there to let him know what's up!

by posted 09/10/2016
Report Volunteer Hours

Follow this link to enter your Volunteer Hours.  If you have already filled out a paper form with your volunteer hours, please do not report them again here.



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