All Klahaya board positions are volunteer. We love our club and work hard to ensure that it is enjoyed by many! Board members do not receive a discount in fees or additional guest passes and must be paid in full by the same day as members. In appreciation for their hours of commitment board members receive priority registration for lessons but still pay full price.

Current Klahaya board members are:

President: Erin Gallagher
Vice President: Marjorie High
Secretary: Tom Gilman
Treasurer: Ben Copstead

Tennis Director: Casey Bui
Swim Director: Erin Gallagher
Membership Director: Beth Easton
Facilities Directorr: Mike Sherry
Activities Director: Marjorie High
Communications Director: VACANT

Board Member At Large: Kevin Clarke

Positions open up every year, and we invite you to join us! As always, we appreciate your feedback:


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