Please note that all payments must be POSTMARKED by the date listed.

January 2 Invoices for yearly dues and other fees available for current members to review and pay in MemberSplash
2024 Pricing: Annual Membership – $860 | 2024 Annual Assessment – $550 | Total 2024 dues and fees: $1,410
February 15 Last day to declare departure from membership. Members are responsible for paying 2024 dues/assessment after this date.
March 31 Full payment is due. No penalties.
April 1 Full Payment is Past Due – $300 penalty issued
April 15 Any existing member who has not paid their dues may be subject to having their membership terminated with a vote of 3/4 of the board under (See BYLAWS 2.6.3(c)) Such members shall be given at least one week of notice by the President and/or Membership Director that such a vote shall take place. No refunds for these members shall be given as the period for refunds shall have concluded on March 31st.
Opening Day No use of Club until all Dues & Assessments and any outstanding fees due Club are paid in full.
Activities Dues, assessments, and any other fees must be paid in full before signing up for lessons, teams, or rentals.

ANY OUTSTANDING INVOICES must be paid in full before use of the club!