If you are interested in becoming a member, please JOIN OUR WAITLIST and submit with payment of $150. Membership applications are not considered valid until payment is received.


  • The Initiation Fees, together with the current Dues & Assessments, are due upon acceptance of membership. These fees are NON REFUNDABLE and subject to change each calendar year. (See BYLAWS 4.1)
  • It is the responsibility of all waitlisters to keep us updated of contact changes. If you do not update us with change of email, we will not be able to contact you when a membership becomes available. Please update your profile or contact membership with this information.


Waitlisted non-members may sign up for any available swim or tennis lessons once members have been given a minimum of 7 days to register. Typically, the first session fills up quickly, and there is more availability later in the summer. Water Polo team spots may also be available for waitlisted families on a year by year basis.

Please contact membership if you have any questions.


      • Annual Membership Dues: $860
      • Annual Assessment: $550
      • Initiation Fees: $5,000

      *All subject to change each calendar year (See BYLAWS 4.1)



A. This happens from time to time and is a fairly easy fix. Just email our membership director and they will work with you to resolve any issues with your online waitlist application: [email protected]

A. It’s tough to predict exactly how many/ how fast membership spots will open up. A lot of factors go in to why families depart their membership spots; economy, moves, graduations, etc. In a normal economy we usually estimate between 15-20 memberships to become available each year. Just as many may decline membership offers each year. So we may move anywhere between 15-40 families off the waitlist in a given year. There is really no way to know for sure and outliers abound on small and large scales.

A. Unfortunatley, if  you are not able to join our membership when your name comes up off the waitlist and you are offered a spot, then you must re-apply and go to the back to the end of the waitlist. As a volunteer run club, and with such a long waitlist, there are too many complications involved in allowing deferrals.

A. Yes! We try to accomodate this as best we can, but usually need to limit tours to summer dates only. As a volunteer run club, availabilty of individuals to give these tours is very limited in our “off” season, if at all, especially since the club is closed with no staff during this time. Email [email protected] if you would like to inquire more about this.

A. As stated in our bylaws, a member can only transfer their membership to one of their own children. Members can not transfer their membership to their own siblings, cousins, parents, friends, or neighbors, etc.

A. No. The person who applies for a waitlist spot is the only one we allow to “accept” an offer of membership. We do not swap names or spots on our waitlist unless for  special pre-approved waitlist applications. These “special circumstances” are handled on a case-by-case basis, and must be approved by the membership director or board prior to waitlist application submission. Please contact the membership director if you would like to explore special circumstances prior to submitting your application: [email protected]

A. No. Memberships can only be transfered from a parent-member to one of their children as stated within our bylaws.

Also, one of the wonderful things about Klahaya, and why our waitlist is actually better off than most of our peer-pools in the greater Puget Sound, is because memberships are not tied to deeds, home owners associations, or geographic boundaries, and thus allows for a bit more turnover for various reasons. This also contributes to a much more engaged membership and overall more membership diversity than other clubs.

A. No. Klahaya Swim Team participates in the Greater Seattle Summer Swim League (GSSSL.) According to GSSSL bylaws, only “members” of associated swim clubs are able to participate in the league. Waitlisted families are not considered “members” of Klahaya until recieving an official membership offer and paying associated dues and fees.

However, waitlisted non-members can sign up for Klahaya swim and tennis lessons. Spots are open to members first, and waitlisted families can sign up a week before each session starts (typically 4-5 sessions each season.) See more information here:

Waitlisted non-members can also sign up for the Water Polo team as well. (This is subject to change in the future, depending on interest levels of members and non-members.)

A. No, Klahaya is a private swim and tennis club. You must apply to be on our waitlist and be offered a membership, going through our membership process, to use our facilities. Waitlisted non-members may sign up for swim and tennis lessons.

No. Historically, this may have happened for past members at our club. However, in 2022 the total membership voted in favor of sunsetting any fee returns. This is in line with most other peer pools in the Puget Sound and is necessary for upkeep of our facilities.